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It’s that time of year again! New year resolutions are made; many of which are made to feel optimistic about the New Year. But the question is how many of these resolutions actually last long? The reality is: not many at all. With this article I want to encourage you to do something more than new year resolution this year, I want you to step out and Shine! Time Magazine published the following as the top 10 and commonly broken new year resolution: Lose weight and get fit, Quit Smoking, Learn something New, Eat Healthier and diet, Get out of debt and save money, Spend more time with family, Travel to new places, Be less stressed, Volunteer, Drink less. Most of these resolutions are what I call emotional promises. After enjoying and perhaps overindulging in all those sumptuous Christmas dishes, it’s normal to desire weight loss. And so you get excited doing it… at least for a while until you start procrastinating and realizing that it’s really not an easy task. The gym is too far, the exercise machine is too hard to use. And soon your resolutions are discarded like many other flimsy emotional promises.

Why not do something different this year? Do a self-assessment. What talents, skills, strength, opportunity or experience do you have that you can turn into an avenue to impact others? Multitudes of people today are comfortable with things as they are as long as they can remain in their comfort zone. People keep their job or stay in a certain part of town in order to keep things the ways they are. While they have greater potentials otherwise.

The question is what have you got in you that only you know about or may be just a few people around you? Can you sing, cook, sew, dance, teach, play an instrument, write, run, shop, plan…? Think critically, what can you do easily with little or no training or help? Whatever falls in this category could bring you to limelight if you can work hard on it.

It is said that everyone has the potential to be great and that is what Susan Boyle, a 53-year-old lady proved to the world. She’s had the gift of singing all her life, but she only came out to lime light when she appeared as a contestant on the TV Programme, Britain’s Got Talents in 2009. She assessed her gifts and connected it with the opportunity around her. Though she waited so long to expose her gifts to the world. I wonder how many other Susans are out there that are hidden or just sharing their gifts with a bunch of people when the whole world could benefit from what they have.

The problem we have in this world with stardom is not the lack of talents but the comparison of the same. Many waste their time and therefore their talents comparing themselves with others. Think about it, there are not 2 of you. Even twins have different fingerprints showing that they are not the same. Stop the comparison; stop using fear as an excuse. Others are waiting for a perfect time that never comes. There is something you know well enough and find really easy to do; that others might struggle to do. Get into the limelight and let your light shine. Worst case, you might discover that you are not as good as you thought but you may be able to identify where you need help and pursue your dreams.

As soon as you can pin point this thing in you, start to use it more often, as you do you actually get better each time. For instance, if you are good at making nice paintings, invest in some nice canvas, do some paintings and make them available for viewing or sales at some stores. Get feedbacks from potential buyers and improve on what you have done. You might just come in contact some people who have been looking for paintings like yours. You might actually make enough from your paintings; enough to consider painting full time.

It’s only a person that knows what they’ve got that can seize opportunities when they come knocking. You may never know what new government policies; new business in town or new foreign organization may open up a new door for you to shine if you are not sharpening your skills now. Imagine if you were at the end of your life, is there anything that you would wish to have shared with the world? Then go for it. This is a new year and each year comes with new opportunities. There is an empty seat out there waiting for you, go on and take your place. We want to see you shine, I do.

If you need help in discovering what you ‘ve got in you that can bring you to limelight, then send me an email at and I will be glad to guide you.

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