Turning your Dreams into Reality (2)

I started talking about how to turn your dreams into reality in the last article. I hope that you were able to use some of the points to move a bit further. Here is the concluding part of this very important message for all the dreamers out there.

Work Hard
This one seems obvious, but many people underestimate the level of the effort it takes to be successful and achieve goals. It surprises me that many people dream to become successful but very few are actually willing to put in the efforts that it requires to succeed. If you work hard, you will be forming new habits towards success. If you don’t put in extra efforts towards preparing for potential success, you won’t start working hard especially when things get really tough.

Avoid Excuses
Recently I gave you a list of differences between winners from losers. A major difference is in the way they think. Successful people visualize success in their minds first before they see it in real life. Though they face diverse challenges they never let it put them down. Successful people do an assessment of their abilities first then seek help where necessary. If you will turn your dreams into achievements you must be willing to see every obstacle as stepping-stones. Be prepared to seek help when you get to a dead end. For example, the reason why successful people don’t think twice when it comes to investing in themselves or their businesses is because they know that the cost of a good investment is NOTHING compared to the gains as a result.

Failure is not a disease.
Those that never attempt an exam will never fail it however; they can never succeed at it as well. Failure is not a bad thing; it’s simply a state of knowing a wrong way to do something. Don’t be afraid to cash in on your losses as soon you discover (through valid reasons) that your idea has failed. Identify what you have gained and how much you lost. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Don’t underestimate people
On your way to success you will need people along the way. People that will show you the way, people that will help you stay on the way, people that will connect you with others, people that will benefit from your success or buy from you. You must always value people in your life. Share your dreams with people that can help you even if it just to be a wonderful neighbor.

Secure Help from People you know.
Having the right information does not is not equal to actually doing the right thing. If you have all that you need and simply can’t seem to get started, then ask someone to be your accountability partner. Your best friend, your sibling or your parent can be your accountability partner. For both of my published books, I got the help of one of my dear friends to send me a weekly reminder to work on the book. And thankfully she said yes and she did it religiously. The shame of saying ‘oh I didn’t work on it’ each time she asked was what compelled me to carve out time from my very busy schedule to do it. You might also be able to secure funds from friends that are willing to invest in your dreams.

Trust God to guide and bless your project
Many people forget this piece of the puzzle and others pray about their goals and expect God to do what they should. You must do all that lies within your power with a sure faith that God will make all things work together for your good. Faith without action is a waste of time so work hard. If you are a child of God, He will guide and direct you in all you do. He will open doors that would have been shut. Let Him be in charge and let Him guide and bless the works of your hands. This requires making up your mind to do things the right way. Don’t plan to do things that God would not love to put His name on.

In conclusion, achievement of goals is far more than getting the right information. It requires motivation, skills, help and many other factors. We all have things we say we want to do; save more money, earn more, travel…. but never actually DO ANYTHING to get there.

If you have a dream you are a few steps ahead of many, however you need to do better than that. Many dreams end up in the trash can therefore, you must do everything within your powers to implement and achieve your goals. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”- Les Brown. You must always convert your dreams into goals and then to action steps. After that, what to do next is to take the first step, then the next step and the next.

I will be hosting another Launch a Dream Workshop here in Kuje to help people take steps towards turning skill, talent or passion into extra income. This workshop is targeted only to people who are serious about making money on the side and are willing to invest in themselves. If you are one of such people, watch out for the next date here.

Olu Sobanjo is a pastor, a trained Accountant and Financial/Business Consultant. She has helped many to discover their niches and find financial excitements. With many years of international experience doing this.

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