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We all want more money and many would do almost anything to get it, hence why Ponzi schemes like MMM seem to be giving a lot of people more money today (or at least until the tide turns).

There is a better position that I want to introduce to you. This position will not necessarily give you instant cash but if you join and persist, you will not only have more than you need, you will also leave a mark in the development of our nation. I title this position NATION INFLUENCER!

I have lived in various communities globally, and I have discovered that every community has different kinds of people. some influencing it positively others negatively. Here are some classes of people:
1, Those who hate what they do, their circumstances and people around them. They are always complaining about everything.
2, Those who simple tolerate their job and are just barely surviving. Their perspective always is ‘we are managing’.
3, Last but not least is the group that love their jobs and their life.

My aim with this article is to encourage you to become one of such people of substance. This set is a very small subset of every community. However they are the ones that can cause the biggest developments.  Why not join them if you are not already one? I am sure you have a platform that you can start at, your workplace, church, your neighbourhood, school or club or an organization you are a part of. You can start today!

Take a look at advanced countries out there, they became great because some individuals decide to make a difference. They choose to do their job better.  Nigeria can become great, I know it, it will take a while but we must start now. There are so many people of faith in this nation and many that are strong and resillient. Ask yourself; what ‘Made in Nigeria’ product can I develop? Instead of choosing to import a product, can I recreate it locally? You may become a great influencer of our economy in just a few years.

To say the truth our economy has not been the greatest and for sure we have a long way to go.  However, each time you notice a problem around you,  I want to encourage you to think of a solution, something YOU can do to solve this problem. Could you volunteer to mobilize people to clean your own community, to ease the traffic, teach maths to your community kids?  There is a lot that can be done and even lot of money to be made.  If only we put our minds to it, I believe you and I can change our community.

And what stops us from turning Kuje into a tourist attraction centre for Nigeria? Nothing! We even have an international airport not far from us.  Influencers, I find have the following characteristics in common (and more).

Purpose and vision are crucial topics for them.

They work hard to find their purpose and as soon as they get a glimpse of whom God made them, they believe it strongly and that affects the way they behave. They learn to be comfortable with their gifts and abilities. They think clearly (not with sentiments) and so they confidently use what they have to influence others around them. It could be an idea or a product as long as they are convinced that it can help someone else, they launch out to make others’ life a bit better. Many in this group are business and religious leaders, leaders in social matters and in politics. They start with faith and soon attract many followers. Again they love their life.

How can I Improve?

Knowing they are far from being perfect, they make efforts to improve themselves at every opportunity they have. Though they are very busy people, they still find time to read or learn a new skill. They develop themselves and take interest in finding out how they can be of greater help in their world. This helps them improve what they are offering. They are never afraid of others because they know they need relationships to grow.

They invest in possibilities not in comfort.

They are risk takers, they don’t only stay where things are comfortable for them, they strategically analyze opportunities and they invest their time and resources wisely even if its not obvious to others. They pursue whatever they strongly believe in.

They share freely and lift others up.

These people find satisfaction  in what they do so they are content internally which makes it easier for them to give to others. They don’t put people down with their words nor do they use their money to make others feel unworthy. They don’t even think bad of others, they always give people the benefit of doubt.

They use their position of influence well.

Sadly, power and fame can intoxicate even a good person, and that is why many people become unrecognizable as soon as they rise higher. However this group of people are very careful the way they use their influence. They don’t use their influence as a weapon or a tool to manipulate others. They don’t disrespect the less privileged. They give everyone fair dealings.

Knowing fully well that tomorrow is going to be better; they always forge ahead to greater heights, they don’t mourn losses for too long. They rely strongly on God-the one that gave them the opportunity of being here in the first place.

My call to you today is to take this opportunity, it will pay you big if you do. Add N.I. (Nation Influencer) to your designations. Excellent people are fun to be around. Become one or rather influence another person to be one. Start today!
God bless you!

Olu Sobanjo pastors with her husband at Overcomers Fellowship International (Nigeria & abroad). You can read more of her thoughts at

Photo by 401(K) 2013

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