Kuje Reflection – Business Magazine for the Kuje Area Council, Abuja FCT.

Our mandate at Kuje Reflection is to help develop the economy of Kuje Area Council, FCT. Nigeria by providing a platform for the community to connect with the businesses in the Area Council.

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Kuje Reflection ONLINE

Asides many other merits, community newspapers are very essential in that they serve as a link between the community residents, the local businesses and organizations. Local newspapers also help to boost the economy of any community by providing a platform for local businesses to publicize their product and services. This in turns help to showcase community businesses, encouraging locals to shop locally and invest in their community which also protect local jobs. Therefore local newspapers helps to strengthen the communities they belong to. Kuje Reflection Dec 2014

Business in Kuje Area Council

KUJE REFLECTION is a monthly community magazine that aims to help strengthen and improve the economy of Kuje Area Council in the FCT, Nigeria.

We believe that entrepreneurs and small business owners are the people that sustain any thriving economy. As a result we have developed an online directory of businesses in Kuje and environs as well as serve as an avenue for the members of the community to display their classified Ads. This directory of businesses in Kuje can be accessed at www.KujePages.com. You are welcome to add your business, organization, place of worship or event to this portal.
In our inaugural edition of Kuje Reflection (December 2014 edition) we included a free listings of businesses around Kuje which comprise of names of Businesses, their phone numbers and categories. This quickly became a hit and as a result we have included a list of the business on KujePages in our print version.

Our Plans for Kuje Reflection Magazine

As a team we hope to become the go to resource for anyone who wants to interact with the Kuje business community in any form. Whether to patronize a business, start a business or just to have an understanding of what is available in Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

We hope to give the Kuje community members a voice to interact with the local businesses and organisations.  And that It will serve as an accessible forum for expression. It will allow for readers voices to be heard enabling normal citizens to deliberate on what goes on in their community.
Kuje Reflection also aims to emphasize the beauty and peculiarities of our great community. Our goal is to contribute our own quota to strengthen and improve the quality of life in the entire Kuje Area Council. We plan to achieve this goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty and unbending adherence to the truth.

We need your support

We want to do all these in order that you our readers will be proud of what you see… your very own community Magazine.

The Editorial board of Kuje Reflection hereby solicits your assistance, cooperation and contributions by the way of new items, opinion pieces and articles of interest and relevance to the community for possible publication in our future editions. We also welcome a calendar of public events upcoming in the Kuje Area Council. Kindly direct such contributions to us at letters@kujereflection.com