How I make N100,000 ($300) every month on autopilot!


I know that in our country today, there are many who are making N1m every month on autopilot and some are making it every week. I am also aware that there are some who are not making any money on autopilot. This article is to show to anyone who has the required resources that they too can make some extra cash on autopilot as an extra stream of income. I personally will be happy to have an extra stream of N10,000 everymonth on autopilot. In the last 6years, I have been earning $300 every month from a website I made about 9 years ago. It took almost 3 years for the income to get to this level, the good thing about it though is that I did not have to do much within those years as I saw the income climb slowly from a few cents to almost $600 before stabilizing at about $300 for the last 5 years. In the last five years, I have received over 5m naira from this website. You can read more details of this on my website

What did I do? How can you replicate it?

A)I found a topic that people were searching for and provided the best solution that was available.

There are many things that people search for on google everyday. Some of these things have excellent solutions from very big companies but there are still so many that do not have such excellent solutions. The key to making money online is to find such. In my own case I wrote an article on my website about traveling abroad. I did not know that so many people needed some of the advice that I wrote about. After a few years I discovered that I was having over 100 visitors to my webpage every day. It was at this point I decided to find a way to monetize my website. The number of visitors to my website is now about 1,500.


B)I Setup a simple website that addressed the problem.

All you need to do is write about 5 – 10 articles of about 800 – 2500 words each. In my own case, I wrote about 5 articles of about 300 words each. It took be about 5 – 10 hours to do all of the articles and setup the website.

  1. C) I put Google Ads on my website –

Google AdSense is a way that google partners with publishers to monetize their websites. Google gets advertising money from their clients, they then share this money with their publishers by placing these adverts on the publisher’s website. It’s free to register with Google as a publisher. However, I suggest you have good content on your website before registering with google. If you already have a blog with some traffic, you should consider registering with google today. Just Google AdSense and go on from there.


4) I Optimised my website for more traffic

When I saw that I was getting some visitors to my webpage, I began to write other relevant articles in the same field. I did not have much time then but I added a few more pages to the website. It currently has about 12 pages.


How much did it cost?

  • Domain name – $15/year
  • Hosting – $100/ year but I share this with 10 other websites
  • So let’s say the website costs me about $30 a year or $115 since the other websites do not earn income.
  • Hours of work spent in a year – 5 – 10hrs (use to update the website software and keep my website from going down.)
  • Total income for one year – $3600 (that is over 1m naira every year for 5 – 10hrs of work)
  • Cost of internet – It was free when I was in school but let’s estimate 5Gigs to set it all up

Why is everyone not doing it?

  • They don’t know about it (Did you know?)
  • It’s not so easy to find the right topics to write about
  • It’s not easy to spend money on something that you cannot guarantee its success.
  • Many do not have the technical skill to setup a blog
  • It takes too long for it to mature – Imagine 2yrs of waiting (it means you can’t get into it to solve your present economic hardship)
  • Many people do not have the ability to think or plan long term.
  • Many do not have anyone to motivate them.

8)      You need thousands of visitors to your website to make a reasonable amount of income

This is not for everyone? Who is it for?

  • Those who will do it as a source of secondary income for now.
  • Those who can bare to keep learning about internet marketing regardless of how many things they need to learn
  • People who can make out time – 2 to 3 hours on the computer every day for the first month
  • People who have regular access to the internet
  • People who enjoy writing or can write when they have to
  • Those who have access to a computer or a good tablet.

7)      People who enjoy working on the internet


Want to learn more?

If you think you qualify to do this and you are really interested in learning more about internet marketing. Send me an email at! In your email, simply let me know your interest in about 200 words. I am willing to mentor 20 qualified candidates. Send me a 200 word essay, highlighting why I should accept you as one the 20 people to be mentored on internet marketing.

Ade Sobanjo is an Engineer by training. He was a web developer and programmer for many years in Canada before responding to a call to ministry. He is the Lead Pastor of Overcomers Fellowship International with his wife Olu. To know more about him please visit his personal blog at

Kings O. Peace

A young vibrant Nigerian, with love for God and his country Graphic designer, Web designer & Video editor. Telephone: 09093151299, 08115665097. E-Mail:,

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