Fire destroys Shopping Plaza in Kuje

IMG-20150116-00012In the early hours of Friday 16th January fire razed down a shopping plaza comprising of fourteen shops at Angwangede opposite mountain of fire church kuje.

According to eye witness report, the fire started in the wee hours of the morning when everyone must have been sleeping. Some people at the scene couldn’t say what ignited the fire because there was no power all through the night. All they knew was that there were shouts of fire everywhere.

When our reporters got to the scene of the incident there was still smokes from the burning shops. One of the shop owners who doesn’t want his name in print was actually sleeping in his shop. He said he heard noises in the ceiling which he thought were noises made by rats but the noise persisted. He immediately went to mobilized some other neighbors thinking it was a robbery attack because they had faced similar situations with robbers who come through the ceiling to rob them of their goods but to their surprise a fire had started.
It has been rumoured that someone actually set fire to the shops because the fire spread so fast even before the fire service could come to the scene.

From what we gathered the shop owners are in desperate need of help. The landlord who has also lost his building is not in a position to help. His tenants however are yet to hear from him. The only info they seem to have is that the landlord is not in the position to help them and that their rent continues to run despite their businesses coming to a halt.

On contacting the lawyer in charge of the Plaza, he could not confirm the allegation. However he stated that he has met with the tenants to commiserate with them and that the landlord does not have the financial means to renovate the plaza for the meantime.

These tenants are really suffering. Some of them who were able to rescue some of their wares are now displaying them outside the plaza in the heat of the sun. They need assistance from the government or private sector. They still need to make ends meet for their families. We all can help by going there to stand with them, patronize them and give them as much help as we can both morally and financially. END

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