Earning More in a Troubled Economy

Earning in a troubled economyIf you are working in an organization that provides great employee benefits and pays salary as at when due, accept my congratulations! As I was told by my father, in his own days, both private and public organisations waited on graduates to finish their academic program so they could get them employed immediately. At that time a certificate was a guaranteed meal ticket.

In those days, graduates were usually enticed by employers with benefits such as attractive salaries, official cars and staff quarters. Although there may be graduates who still had reasons to complain then, it is nothing to be compared with what is going on in today’s economy.
Because of the benefits graduates enjoyed at that time, the society carved out a cause and effect belief that having an academic qualification is an automatic ticket for employment and financial freedom. Time and events have proven this to be a wrong philosophy. Now the reality of today’s economy leaves the current generation to figure out their own new cause and effect theory.

What I have come to understand is that a single skill is not enough for attaining career advancement and financial security. Having multiple skills gives a greater strength in taking advantage of more career and business opportunities. Professional and vocational certifications in computing has proven to be one of the easiest and fastest skills to learn and implement. Most of the Networking engineers and ICT professionals I know today, did not have a first degree in computer science. So if you are considering learning ICT skills, I don’t think you should hesitate coming on board.

As a job seeker or employed staff looking for a higher pay, learning ICT skills gives you a double advantage. With your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills, you have the option of working under an employer, you may also choose to start an ICT business on your own. I will mention three good ICT skills you can add to your CV which would give you a great advantage in this troubled economy.
1. Certified Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant is someone who works for multiple organizations in the comfort of his or her home. As a virtual assistant, you use the internet in delivering services to people that hire you online, this is also referred to as telecommuting. In my last article “How to earn a living using Facebook” – (See to the January edition of Kuje Reflections) I explained how anyone can earn a living through social media, being an online social media administrator is a good example of working as a virtual assistant.

2. Digital Graphic Design & Publishing
If you are a creative person and will prefer starting a business of your own, graphic design and publishing is a highly profitable business in Nigeria today. It requires little capital to start and there is a continuous increasing demand for the service. Digital Graphic Design and Publishing does not focus on how to design only, it also covers how to create market for your design and publishing business, advertisement design, book publishing, large format printing (Digital Banners) etc. You don’t need to buy all the machines when you are starting, you can outsource some of your production to lower the costs of running the business as a beginner.

3. Digital Advertising:
As a digital advertiser, you promote both online and offline businesses through the internet using tools like social networking, Website Content Management, Google AdWord, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and how to create an effective marketing cycle.
It requires a lot of commitment and creativity to learn Digital Advertising, but it is still a fresh business not many people are into today and is likely to be the future of advertising for businesses all over the country.
A greater percentage of Nigeria’s population do not use up to 20% of the computer’s potential. By learning ICT skills you get more benefit from your computer, implement ICT business ideas and communicate more effectively. If you are yet to have a computer I will say it is one of the best tools you can invest your money in.

Ademola Oladoja is an Online Marketing Consultant. Helping individuals and businesses in starting and growing their businesses online. You can reach him on 08185990414 or visit his office at Nissi Plaza, Iwendi Street, Behind FCMB, Kuje, Abuja.

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