Breaking News! President Mugabe makes first public appearance since military take-over in Zimbabwe

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has finally made his first public appearance since when the country’s army took over Harare, at its capital Wednesday, November 15, in a bloodless Coup.

The embattled president, who held a meeting with the army on Thursday, November 16, reportedly showed up in academic gown for a graduation ceremony in Harare. The 93-year-old gently marched in a procession to the podium as he was applauded by cheering supporters while declaring open the event.

Mugabe, who has been placed under house arrest, made a public appearance. In a report by Aljazeera it was revealed that the venue of the event was under heavy security, Mugabe who appeared without his wife, Grace, has sparked fresh suspicions as her whereabouts have continued to fuel speculations.

Aljazeera noted that Mugabe’s appearance is a way the army wants to tell the world that the siege on Harare was not a coup.

The report, quoting Aljazeera’s correspondent says: The army says the aim of the military intervention was the arrest of criminal elements around Mugabe.

Source: Just in: Embattled President Mugabe makes first public appearance 3 days after military took over Zimbabwe

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